Used to accommodate various electronics, the control housing shown was manufactured by Mallory Industries, Inc for a client from the aerospace industry. Our high speed milling machinery, which held tolerances as close as ± .0002″, formed 30 of these components from solid-stock, AMS 4027 aluminum plate material.

Once completed, the housings measured 12.360″ x 9.350″ x 2.000″, and possessed a smooth, 32 RMS surface finish. These products featured helicoils, in addition to chemical film which fulfilled MIL-DTL-5541 specifications. They also satisfied UTC ASQR and various custom standards, as well as our customer’s high expectations for both performance and quality.

Aluminum Control Housing Specifications

Product Name

Aluminum Control Housing

Product Description

This Control Housing is used within an Aerospace application to house electronics.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

High Speed CNC Milling

  • Milled from Solid Stock
Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 12.360″
Width: 9.350″

Thickness: 2.000″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

AMS 4027 Aluminum Plate

Max Material Finish

32 RMS



Chemical Film Per MIL-DTL-5541


30 Pieces

Industry for Use


Standards Met

MIL-PFR-23377 Type 2 Class C2

Customer Specifications

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