ServicesCNC CAM Grinding
CNC High Speed Vertical
CNC TurningWire Electrical Discharge
Machining (EDM)
CapabilitiesHigh Speed CNC Milling of
Aluminum Control Housing for
the Aerospace Industry
CNC Turning, Milling & Grinding
of an Index Cam for an
Automated Assembly Machine
CNC Turning & High Speed Milling
of Aluminum Helicopter
Component for the Aerospace
CNC Turning, High Speed Milling
& Wire EDM of Aluminum
Centrifugal Pump Impeller for a
Fuel Pump Application

Mallory Industries Contact Information

  • President
    • Paul Murphy 860-677-2895
      • Contact for any business related issues or concerns
  • Sales Manager
    • Sheena Ejaz 860-677-2895 ext 105
      • Contact for all sales inquiries and deliveries
  • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Laurie Hall 860-6772895 ext 122
      • Contact for any quality or ISO inquires
  • Operations Manager
    • Ken Fogler 860-677-2895 ext 115
      • Contact for any engineering or production inquires
  • Production Control & IT Manager
    • Scott Oberg 860-677-2895 ext 106
      • Contact for any supply chain or IT inquires as well as scheduling
  • Controller
    • Artur Kucharski 860-677-2895 ext 121
      • Contact for all AR / AP inquires